54 English Banger Sausages


Weight 12.00 lbs

54 English Banger Sausages

Frozen | 54 x 3.5 oz | 12 lbs

Another TeamFund Favorite! (Can you tell we are huge fans!)

A simple, savoury and delicious twist of the traditional English banger without all the bad stuff.

It perfectly compliments comfort food staples like perogies, eggs for breakfast and of course, Bangers and Mash. Competitive pricing too!

No Gluten, MSG, Binders, Fillers, Preservatives, Eggs, Dairy, Nuts, Nitrates

Box of 54 fresh sausages, ~ 3.5 oz each.

Support local and a cause at the same time: your purchase counts! 


TF product code 118.004

Profit margin: 20.00%

$125.00 $115.00