Chicken Maple Breakfast Sausages


Weight 12.00 lbs

Chicken Maple Breakfast Sausages

Fresh | 156 x 1.2 oz | 12 lbs

We are over the moon to be carrying these fresh, ready-made-for this fundraiser CHICKEN breakfast sausages! Super lean, clean and ready for any busy family in the morning!

If you like pork breakfast sausages, then you will love these and...they are a little leaner as they are made with chicken. (Disclaimer: our family eats these 3 times a week in the morning!)

Over 150 perfectly-tasting breakfast sausages, ready to eat from fresh or frozen in about 20 minutes. Simple bake in your oven, baked at 325 degrees.  Ideal for busy weekdays breakie or weekend brunch.

Nobody makes a breakfast sausage as Spolumbos does. Nobody. 

This sausage is clean, tasty and a great way to start your day! Bake them in the oven for 20 minutes @350 while you make coffee, eggs and toast, and voila: a healthy and hearty breakfast is served. 

 This also has the added benefit of being 100% pork-free. For those who prefer a leaner product. 

Using True Organic Canadian Maple Syrup and all-natural premium CHICKEN, these are the cleanest and tastiest maple breakfast sausages.

Stock up! Competitive price: Not found in your grocery store!!

No Gluten, MSG, Binders, Fillers, Preservatives, Eggs, Dairy, Nuts, Nitrates. 

Box of ~ 156 sausages divided into two bags, ~ 1.2 oz each. Just like the equivalent size and format in the pork version of this product, Chicken Maple 35g is packaged as 2 bags of 2.75kg. You WILL need to cut then from the link, repack them into smaller packages yourself and freeze them.  

TF product code 118.013

Profit margin: 20.00%